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Explore Teen Telugu desi Indian gay boys sexual masti in hostel at homosexual sex site. MMS leak scandal desi adult gay blue film at biggest desi xxx tube. Me an average build up Telugu guy, a few extra pounds here and there, brownish complexion and Telugu gay dude, Somya is a gym bunny. Telugu gay dude is muscular and a strong Telugu guy, and quite fair and long hairs. This incident happened around the Christmas time. It was December end and quite cold in Delhi. Mine parents had to go to Uttar Pradesh for a cousins wedding. They insisted mine to come but it usually is quite cold in Uttar and they were not too close relatives so Me decided to be home. Every time mine and Somya spent time was at big dick teen place.
Mine parents had to leave on 24th’s morning so Me decided to call homosexual gay fucker over at mine place. First Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys met outside in a coffee café and went for lunch and a movie. Then, towards the evening, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys came back to mine place. Telugu gay dude really liked our house. Me showed homosexual gay fucker around, mine room, mine parent’s room and our kitchen. Since Somya lived alone, Telugu gay dude developed a fondness for cooking. Telugu gay dude was very much interested in the kitchen. Mine mom had the kitchen renovated very recently. She converted it into a modular and had separate shelves more International items, cheese items and so on.
It was a rectangular shaped with three sided slab and a working cum center table in the middle. Me served homosexual gay fucker juice and took a glass of it for myself. Me asked homosexual gay fucker if Telugu gay dude’d like to order the dinner from outside though Me wanted to cook for homosexual gay fucker. Telugu gay dude himself proposed to cook it in our kitchen. Me was reluctant since Me not wanted homosexual gay fucker to work when Telugu gay dude was a guest but Telugu gay dude insisted. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys went to a nearby departmental store. Somya is never afraid of showing big dick teen affection in public, holding hand, cuddling and fondling. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys attracted our share of eyes in the store while collecting most of the things Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys might need for the dinner.
Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys returned home and Me played some slow music while Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys started to cook. Telugu gay dude decided to make chicken and shahi paneer with rotis and cake for the Christmas next morning. Me helped homosexual gay fucker with chopping of the vegetable, providing homosexual gay fucker material from every corner and Me made shahi paneer myself. The food was starting to smell irresistible and Me was indulging in it. Telugu gay dude baked a big chocolate cake for the church. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys both set up the Christmas tree next to the tv cabinet. A huge green tree, with lights on all colors, stars, balls and santa socks. Me set up the table for the dinner and a candle light dinner while Telugu gay dude went in mine room to change.
Telugu gay dude came back and Me served the food with the red Italian wine. The food was delicious and Me could have praised homosexual gay fucker for chicken all night. Me cleaned up the table and served ice cream. It was a strawberry ice cream with a lot of chocolate syrup over it. By this point, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys were taken away by all the wine Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys had. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys both were having ice creams and Telugu gay dude started giving mine a smooch and kiss. The ice cream in our mouth were getting mixed and it was the most erotic smooch and kiss of mine life. Telugu gay dude is the most passionate kisser someone would ever smooch and kiss. Me was kissing homosexual gay fucker while twirling mine fingers through big dick teen brown long hairs and big dick teen neck.
Telugu gay dude was kissing mine and biting mine lips giving mine love bites all over and undoing mine shirt side by side. Me made homosexual gay fucker sit on the table and started undoing big dick teen shirt while kissing homosexual gay fucker on the neck and ear-lobe and forehead and lips. Me ripped off big dick teen shirt and took off big dick teen vest. Since Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys were in kitchen, Me planned to make it somewhat more erotic. While Telugu gay dude was moaning from the smooch and kiss, Me poured chocolate syrup all over big dick teen chest. Telugu gay dude was amazed though had a naughty smile on big dick teen face. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys as a couple are always ready to experiment in our xxx hardcore fuck life.
Me started kissing big dick teen hairy chest and licking the syrup from big dick teen chest. The syrup with big dick teen sweet and salty sweat was perfect. Telugu gay dude was going mad with the bites and kissed. Me started biting and licking big dick teen rod hard nipples. Me removed big dick teen pants from and gave a short smooch and kiss to mine favorite snake and moved towards big dick teen sexy hairy legs. Me love the smell that comes from big dick teen hot thighs and Me could lick them forever. And licked big dick teen underwear for more the 5 mins and started pulling them down. Big dick teen rod was becoming more and more harder as it was coming and Telugu gay dude was leaning back with ecstasy.
Me caressed big dick teen hair with mine hand and started moving mine tongue over big dick teen cock- head. To make it more enjoyable for homosexual gay fucker, Me put 2 spoons of strawberry ice cream on big dick teen cock. The cold ice cream made homosexual gay fucker even harder and Me rubbed the ice cream all over big dick teen balls and cock, and big dick teen thighs. Telugu gay dude rested big dick teen hand on mine head and Telugu gay dude was enjoying mine job. The ice cream mixed with big dick teen salty pre cum made it even better. Telugu gay dude then stood up and made mine sit on the table. Telugu gay dude kissed mine again. A smooch and kiss that tasted sweet as well as salty. Telugu gay dude started kissing and biting mine neck.
Never before, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys left love bites on each other, but as always this was different too. Telugu gay dude took out wiped cream Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys bought for the curries and spread on mine chest and tummy. Unlike homosexual gay fucker, Me have a pretty smooth and hair less chest, just the way Telugu gay dude likes it. Telugu gay dude bit mine nipples very hard and Me was shouting in pain and calling out big dick teen names. Telugu gay dude was enjoying the way Me moaned and continue. Me moved down towards mine tummy and kept licking the cream off mine skin.
Telugu gay dude pulled down mine pants and started rubbing mine thighs. Telugu gay dude not enjoy licking thighs and legs as much as Me do so Me never compel homosexual gay fucker too. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys both are of our mutual choices. Telugu gay dude kissed mine cock from the under wear and pulled the underwear down. Telugu gay dude hold mine hand and made mine stand up. Me turned towards the table and bent down with mine tummy on the table and butt towards homosexual gay fucker. Telugu gay dude rubbed mine butts smoothly and lovingly while moving big dick teen hands in mine hair.
Telugu gay dude took out honey from the cabinet and poured two spoons on mine butt and started licking it. Telugu gay dude massaged mine butts with honey and fingered mine butt hole with honey on big dick teen fingers. Telugu gay dude then took out a carrot from the refrigerator and Me understood what Telugu gay dude wanted to do. Me once told mine, that Me really find it hot when a Telugu guy fucks another using a dildo. So, Telugu gay dude put a new condom on the carrot after washing it with the warm water.
Telugu gay dude brought it mine and winked at mine, giving mine one of big dick teen naughty smile and Me smiled back. Me knew it was going to be fun and enjoyable. Telugu gay dude poured two spoons of honey on the condom over the carrot and started rubbing mine butt hole with the carrots tip. Then Telugu gay dude started pushing the carrot into mine hole. Since it was honey, it not take too long to slide in. It was a very pleasurable feeling and Telugu gay dude entered a finger or two every time with the carrot. Me was not starting to feel the pain.
Telugu gay dude then removed the carrot asked mine to lick the honey from the carrot. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys then kissed each other using that honey. Me lied back in the same position and Telugu gay dude cleaned mine butts with a cloth and applied a fresh new condom on big dick teen cock. Since there was no honey now, and mine hole was already tired of fucking by the carrot, it took longer then usual to go in. Me had to widen mine legs even more and Telugu gay dude managed to get in. Telugu gay dude kept big dick teen both hands on mine shoulders to hold mine and fucked mine like a animal. Me was shouting and screaming in pain by now.
Me stood up and now lied on the table on mine back. Telugu gay dude kept both mine legs on big dick teen shoulders and started to put big dick teen dick inside mine between mine thighs. Telugu gay dude made a fist with mine hairs in between and started to fuck mine. The pain was in bearable and Me started to get the pain. So leaned towards mine and gave mine a long smooch and kiss. Telugu gay dude removed the condom and started to jerk off. And Me began to jerk mine cock. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys both had our cum together on mine chest. Telugu gay dude took the cum in big dick teen mouth and gave mine a long smooch and kiss.
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Later in the night, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys went to mine bed took a glass of wine and started watching the movie Latter Days. Later, Me slept in big dick teen arms. For the first time, Me was sleeping naked in the arms of a man. Next morning, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys went to church together for the Christmas and took our cake and a bouquet of flowers. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys were out of our house for the whole day and later went back to church in the evening to lit candles. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys did our dinner outside.
Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys repeated the same xxx hardcore fuck schedule this night too and slept together. Next morning, Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys both found our gifts under the tree. Telugu gay dude bought mine a new wrist watch, silver wrist watch with black dial. Me bought homosexual gay fucker a purple shirt. Telugu South Indian gay gandu boys spent the day together and later mine parents came back home.

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