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Gay twinks enjoying each other

Gay twinks enjoying each other, the two boys liked each other from childhood but didn’t had strength to describe their feelings to each other. So when they grow up they started showing their feelings to each other. What they were doing was, they would touch each other’s bodies while crossing by, they will press each other’s dicks and will hold hands under the table, some time when they get a small time alone they would enjoy kissing, one fine day the finally came and they got the chance to enjoy fully as their parents went out to some relatives house.

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After saying a nice bye bye to their parents the two boys came inside house and sat on the sofa and there was a happiness inside them as they were about to do it finally, and they had the whole day. So they decided to enjoy slowly and started the game with kissing and lied on each other and then started stripping each other naked. Then one of then said to go to bedroom and they moved there and one guy lied on the bed while the other wend and lied over him and started fucking him. While the guy on top continues fucking the guy below continued jerking his own dick. ENJOY

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