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Police man fucked me

Police man fucked me, my name is Subam and I live in Ranchi, being 19 years old my father purchased me a new motorcycle, as I was new in riding so I was not allowed to go out of the colony, but one day my friends forced me to go out and I went out with out helmet, and got caught by a police man, he asked for my licence but I didn’t had it and he took my bike key, I was very afraid as he asked for a huge amount of cash and asked me to call my parents too, I requested not to call and I will do anything in exchange, what he asked in return made me surprised. He asked me for sex, I was a virgin and had planned to fuck my girlfriend but now I had no option so I went with him to a hotel.

Police man fucked me and took my virginity

As soon as we reached reached the hotel room he locked the door and sat on the bed, I was standing and as really scared, he asked me to start stripping, I begged him and told I am a virgin, he smiled to that and then came to me and started tearing my cloths and laughed and told I will fuck ur virgin ass and will tear your virgin cock, I start d crying but he showed no mercy to me and continued tearing and made me fully naked and pushed me on the bed, then he came on top of me and started kissing me and took my dick in his hands and started stroking it really hard, it was paining me, then he pulled the skin down and teared my seal and I start d bleeding. He then lifted my legs and kept his dick in my ass hole I tried to stop him but with a heavy push he entered in and I was shouting with pain but he started fucking my ass. After a lot of pain I finally started enjoying his dick and stopped crying, now I drive without helmet all the time and when get caught get fucked by this police man and never had to pay a penny. ENJOY

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