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Hot Haridwar gay Indian anal, boys living in the hostel decided to have some fun together they were not allowed to go out of the hostel without security there were unable to have a girlfriend of their own. Being with boys all the time made them arise a hot sex feeling for each other. As this feeling was new for them they were unable to understand what that feeling was. They started liking each others company they would spend more time together, as before but this time they would not turn around to see if a girl passes by. They would walk hand in hand in public.

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In between all those boys one was there who was actually aware of all these situations, he knew what was actually happening but was waiting for them to understand their own when he found one guy attracted towards him he showed his affection to him and one night called him to his room and they both stripped naked and 1 guy sat down on the chair while the other guy sat on his knees in front of him. The guy on the chair asked the other guy to suck his dick and he did it. After a nice blowjob when the guy was not fully satisfied he ask his friend to give him a deep throat blowjob.

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