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Indian Auto wala drilling his gay friend ass

In this video gay friend ass drilled by a horny Auto wala, they both are very good gay friend and they enjoy this fucking session as both need it a lot.  Auto wala had come to visit his friend and family for three days. He had been sleeping with his gay friend. On the last night of his stay, he had an intense drink session with his friend and was totally out his senses. He came into the room and started to throw away all his clothes one by one until he was stark naked. He then turned to the bed to see his gay friend sleeping soundly.

His gaze shifted all across his body and instantly he felt his dick jerk and get hard. The Auto wala was a bisexual and had taken the virginity of a lot of young boys and girls. He kept staring at his gay friend body and imagined how it would feel like to take the virginity of a young and sexy buddy. He came on to the bed, threw away the blanket and immediately started taking off the gay friend shorts along with his underwear. The boy felt it and woke up confused and got scared seeing his naked Auto wala with a raging hard cock.

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It took a while but slowly he got used to the cock in his ass. Then the Auto wala began thrusting his cock deeper and out, deeper and out, until finally he got the entire cock penetrated deep into his gay friend ass. He was a pro at it and knew how to spread a tight ass. And then began their crazy and wild fucking with deep and fast strokes as you can clearly see in the Indian gay sex video. The gay friend ass too began enjoying it then and was loving the feeling of getting ass fucked by his Auto wala huge uncut cock. He was leaking pre cum heavily.

The Auto wala then turned gay friend ass over into the doggie position and again began impaling that ass with an even faster speed and intensity. Their fucking is really hot to watch in the Indian gay sex video. They continued the incest gay sex session for almost an hour, at the end of which the Auto wala finally exploded inside his gay friend ass and then just rolled over and started snoring.

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