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Bhubaneswar boys home alone

Bhubaneswar boys home alone, these two guys were neighbours and were gay, but both never had a chance to interact with each other, as they were staying close to each other with their bed rooms opposite to each other they were watching each other from the balconies. One day one of them finally dared and started the conversation and then they started talking everyday. They became more than friends and started sharing everything with each other. As of now they were aware that they both are gay guys so talking about sex was easy. Very soon the day came when they finally decided to have sex, as their family members never leave the house so these two decided to go to a hotel.

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They start the show with one guy lying on bed while the other comes to him completely naked and lies beside him and starts kissing him being on top and then he slides aside and starts removing his partner’s shorts and made him completely naked too. Then he goes down and starts giving his friend a nice blowjob and then his friend holds his head and makes him take the whole dick in the mouth. After blowjob season he spreads his friend’s legs apart and lubricates his ass hole with his saliva and gives a slow push but the dick slips but then he gives a heavy push the dick enters and his partner starts meowing, and to stop the meowing sound they both start kissing and finally he cummed in his friend’s ass. ENJOY

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