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Guy likes brutal punishment

Guy likes brutal punishment, this guy is a office going normal guy but he never knew that he is a gay guy he always use to pass through a path who is office where is used to see muscular guy who used to give him a dirty look but he never replied to his looks, one day while going to the office that guy approach him and ask him out but as he was going to office he said no and told some other time and went to his office but this day in office went really horrible and he thought it was better to go with that guy instead of staying in the office, so he went to the shop in search of that guy and luckily he found him there and asked where he wants to go the guy says let’s sit and talk for some time while they were talking he found out that the other guy is also a gay so they started having a good friendly talk and they started trusting each other. One day the guy decides to ask to take their friendship to the next level where they were planning to have sex but it was a different kind of sex bondage sex ask his friend about it in the beginning he said no but eventually he said yes and they went to a warehouse where everything was pre planned.

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The show starts with one guy getting tied up sitting on the floor his eyes were closed and the other guy comes to him ask him if you want water but he spilt all the water over him and the brutal game begins. he takes a spanker it starts beating His nipples tied up guy starts meowing then he takes his own dick out and put it Inside the tied up guys mouth and forces him for a deep throat blowjob. After a nice blowjob start spanking the tied up guys dick then starts jerking it then he makes him stand on the table on his knees and give them a pleasure of the blowjob and then start pulling his balls making him suffer. then he takes some clips and attach them all over his body including nipples then he makes him stand and then forward on a table and ties him like that and start fucking him from behind then he brings another guy into the show and ties them together and then takes a vibrator and starts torturing those two guys by putting the vibrator all over that dick and balls enjoy.

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