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Telugu desi gay friends enjoying erotically

This is the exciting porn clip of Telugu desi gay friends enjoying erotically in the bathroom, they are playing and sucking each other hard cock.

One day, I found an online group discussion of Indian Gay sex lovers where there were posting about local hook ups, and personal ads. It seemed interesting and also, found that I wasn’t only the Gay who wanted to try hanging out with Gays or same sex person.

After many ads, I stumbled upon an ad that was from my local area. It was more of a “one night stand” than just hang out. He was a handsome Gay and quite older than me to be honest, I was 25 and he was 35 at the time. It made me feel little awkward but I had let it go.

Telugu desi gay friends enjoying in bathroom

We chatted online for more than a week and decided to meet up. We decided to meet up at a coffee shop and things went fine, we went to near hotel and rented a room. Entering the room made me nervous so bad that I started sweating and uncomfortable.

Again, this young Indian Gay made me relaxed and we both proceeded to the bathroom. He then hugged me and came much closed to my body. I felt my every single muscle was like touching his body, the more contact it came, more I started to sweat.

He started caressing my behind and his hands moved towards my hole and touched it suddenly. And immediately grabbed my ass and kissed it. Slowly he went on to put in efforts and gradually his entire cock seemed inside me. He kept on humping me, And I just loved the pleasure.

Enjoy this hot and exciting Telugu desi gay friends enjoying erotically porn video with your friends.

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