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Its gona hurt a lot

Its gona hurt a lot, this gym teacher had a dirty eye on his student and wanted a chance to fuck him and finally one day he got a way to fuck him, he trapped him convinced him that sex is required to get bigger muscles. So to the student agrees to do what ever the master wants to be done. The gym master calls his student home when there was no one there at his house and the game starts.

Muscular gay gym master fucks student

The show starts with the gym sir stripping the boy naked and then he strips himself naked too. Then he starts jerking his student’s dick, pulls his balls and then starts sucking his dick, then he asks his student to bend forward and show his ass, when the student shows it, he starts slapping his ass chicks and then starts finger fucking him. Then the student takes command and he enjoys his teacher’s ass, he finger fucks him and keeps jerking his own dick in between. Then he sits down on the sofa and asks his teacher to sit on his dick and he starts fucking his teacher’s by making him jump on his dick. Then they fucked on the floor and then they also tried fucking by lying down on the floor. And finally the student makes his teacher sit and he cums on his face and then they took a nice bath together. ENJOY

11:44 length
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