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Desi tailor gets fucked by his Indian gay master

Enjoy this mast clip of Desi tailor gets fucked by his Indian gay master, tailor always search and fuck gays, here he caught and captures in camera.

Indian gays fucking very hard in this video. Both guys are handsome and have good body. They were feeling bore into the room and then decided to do a hard anal sex. One guy took his shorts off and started sucking his room mates cock.

He hesitate in the starting but then started enjoying it. they started to fuck but in the starting when knew that one would cum they stopped and change the position.

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Then one room mate pushed others cheeks apart till his face was buried inside him. He immediately lubed up his dick and entered into the ass of room mate. It was quite tight but soon his whole 6 inch cock was inside him.

It was a feeling they can’t describe. His tight ass around others dick made him horny and he fucked him as hard as they could. Now they got in the missionary position and started kissing each other hot face wildly. He put room mate hands in his hair and started to kiss while moaning in others mouth.

When one room mate was going to cum, he again pulled the dick out so that they can enjoy more. After some time one room mate relax and then others again tried to insert his cock. He was so caring about not to hurt others. He too very long times to insert his dick into him.

After insertion, he waited for some time and then started to pounce him slowly and then fast. The pain in his friend ass turned into pleasure and he too started enjoying the fuck.

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