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Delhi Indian gay desi friends anal fuck show

Delhi Indian gay desi friends anal fuck show, both are very horny in this porn clip and both gay friends feeling this moment just like never before. The hot Indian gay sex video we have for today’s video post is the one which you might have possibly seen before.

But whether you have or haven’t, you will definitely like to see this hot piece of raw and wild sex session right now. The pain pleasure relationship seen in this Indian gay sex video is like no another you might have seen before.

These guys just love fucking, no matter how painful the experience, they find the pleasure in it. The Indian gay sex video starts off with the top applying oil to his enormous cock. Its seriously one of the thickest desi cocks I have seen in my life.

Delhi Indian gay desi fucking each other ass and enjoying

Just seeing his oil that cock and then the bottom boy’s hole makes you cringe thinking what’s in store for the bottom boy! After some proper oiling and stretching he places the cock on the hole and tries to slide it in. After a few failed attempts.

He finally manages to pop it in and instantly the bottom convulses in pain and tries to move away from the forced entry.  Poor soul getting triple penetrated by a single cock. However the top does not give us so soon. He tries again and this time slowly slides it into the tight hole.

Still painful for the bottom as he moans and wails but he tries controlling him lovingly. He raises his shirt and starts fucking the bottom in slow and deep strokes, probably still trying to reach deeper into that tight ass-hole. I wonder how he finds willing holes for that ultra thick desi cock.

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